The four years project MoTriColor will conduct three clinical trials in colorectal cancer patients with advanced disease, based on their specific molecular profiles.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is as complex as it is heterogeneous. Currently ranking third in the leading causes of death by cancer worldwide, with some 1,400,000 cases per year according to figures reported by the World Health Organization, colorectal cancer too often goes undetected in the early stages of disease, manifesting itself at advanced stages and therefore limiting the therapeutic options available. Furthermore, the classified molecular subtypes of CRC manifest alterations in different signaling pathways and as a consequence, prognosis and response to therapy vary tremendously across these subtypes.

Strategies aimed at patient stratification depending on each individual molecular profile are currently based on tumor mutations. MoTriColor will go one step further – for the first time patients will be stratified based on their gene expression profiles according to recently established predictive signatures. According to gene expression profiles, patients will then be matched to a particular clinical trial. Patient’s specific response and resistance to specific therapies will be monitored by means of liquid biopsies. These pioneering approaches aim at identifying sensitivity of individual patients to the proposed experimental therapies towards ultimately developing more precise anti-cancer therapies for these patients.



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